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Ways to Take Title
In Minnesota there are typically two ways to hold title to real estate.  We've shown some of the differences between joint tenancy and tenancy in common.

Joint Tenancy    


Tenancy in Common

1.  The parties do not need
to be married.  There may be
 more than two joint tenants

1.  The parties do not need to be
 married.  There may be more than
 two tenants in common

2.  Each joint tenant holds
 an equal and undivided
interest in the property


2.  Each tenant in common
holds an undivided fractional
interest in the property

3.  Requires signatures of all
joint tenants to sell the property
or  to execute a mortgage

3.  Requires signatures
 of all tenants to sell the property
or  to execute a mortgage

4.  Upon death the property 
passes to surviving joint tenant

4.  Upon death the tenant's
share passes to his or her
 heirs by will or intestacy

 We are unable to advise parties as to how to take title.  You should consult an attorney for legal advice.